Coaching Styles

Creature Comforts coaching styles are a range of options designed to suit different personal situations. You choose.

Kitchen Table

For people who are short of time but strong in their desire and commitment to change. Focussed on getting somewhere fast! Identifying desires and goals, existing strengths, priorities and values, obstacles, real options and the first steps to the way forward.

Comfy Chair

For people who know they want to move forward in their lives but, feeling stuck, want a fuller exploration of their reality and options before really ‘nailing’ things down. Life coaching can really help people get to grips with what is most important to them.

Tea and Sympathy

For people who want support and motivation in finding their own way through difficult times. Coaching is always non-judgmental, practical and confidence boosting, and can really help at these times.

Mother and Baby

Clearly for people with babies – but with a difference! Coaching and understanding based on years of experience and professional knowledge. Genuine support and non-judgemental guidance when and where it is required.

Crisis Care

24 hour, on the spot coaching for people in trouble. Relationships and child care issues, emotional, practical – or both. Support, motivation and confidence boosting – take control.

Children and Young People

Independent life coaching for children and young people: personal, positive, directional motivational and supportive.
Family coaching: relationships and behaviour management.

Coaching Workshops

For people who want to find out what the coaching process is all about before committing to individual sessions. Ideal as an introduction. Designed to stimulate self-awareness and understanding.

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