Coach Yourself: Top Tips

How to stay committed to moving forward

Always make sure your goals are realistic and never too easy. You need to be just out of your ‘comfort zone’ and accept some challenges.
Once you’ve made a plan, remember to stand back and monitor it’s appropriateness and effectiveness. You may need to re-calibrate as things change or enter the scheme of things. Then re-shape your plan/goals.

Never give up………get help.

Keep moving. Don’t stagnate. By all means indulge in some ‘poor me’ time, because we are all entitled to this but only indulge when you know things will be better soon because they nearly always are.

How to motivate yourself

Remind yourself of what you already have and what you have achieved (not what you have not achieved!!).

Remind yourself of the benefits of changing things

Challenge your limiting beliefs – your ‘shoulds’!

Never compare yourself with others

How to deal with obstacles

Identify the things you can influence and choose the best one to tackle first.

Avoid indulging in feelings of guilt or blaming others. Remind yourself that if you choose to ignore a problem you have every right to do so. You may be waiting for the best moment to strike. It’s your choice.

If you feel sad, don’t let sadness dull your light for too long. Whatever the cause, move yourself forward as quickly as possible. Sadness can only bring you down and thereby limit what life you have left to shine in. Learn and move on.

Avoid focussing on/making up small problems to avoid dealing with the big ones.

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