New Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

SAMPLE (to follow)

Actual size 10 x 21 cms. Printed on card.

Fantastic idea for a present for someone who’s been talking to you about being stuck or bored or looking for a new direction.

Only one health warning: Because one of the crucial aspects of successful coaching is the voluntary principle – the person needs to WANT to get coaching, giving a voucher to someone, in order for the coaching experience to be successful, needs to be on the basis that person has volunteered the fact they are stuck already, to you. Trust your own judgment on this. Feedback from people who have given these vouchers to friends has been amazing (except one husband to wife blunder!!!).

Carrie said: ‘I gave one of these to my Dad for his 60th. At first he didn’t understand what Life Coaching was so I made him look at Penny’s Coach Works website and then he looked at the other one for women too!! When he rang her he says that was the start of the next bit of his life…..’

Each of the 4 coaching sessions is worth £65.

The cost of this voucher is £200.00

Contact Penny Budgen (see contact pages on Coach Works and Creature Comforts Coaching for women websites)

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