Journeys- time for a re-furb?

Imagine you’ve been on a journey that’s taken you through rough seas. Your boat and everything you own and care about has been smashed up. Hard as you tried to keep it all together, the sea was just too strong for you and you knew you had to get help.

You pulled in to the nearest harbour and took refuge. You rested yourself and put your boat into dry dock for repairs and re-building. You began to realise that if you are going to get the place you’ve promised yourself, you’re gong to have to repair and rebuild yourself as well. What use is a new boat if the master doesn’t have confidence in his skills to navigate the seas and keep himself, the crew and the boat as safe as possible.

So you realise you must repair and re-build your self-confidence and self-belief.

You must look at what has worked in the past.

You must find evidence in your experience that proves how capable and resourceful you can be.

You must listen to what you (and others) say about yourself and correct it if it’s negative stuff.

You must practice being who you want to be – a strong, assertive, confident and generous human being.

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