Light Bulb Moment!

I have been making notes of clients’ good ideas and emailing them out to people who want them, for some time now.

Here’s another great one, written by my client.

If you have any comments or any good ideas of your own you think would be useful/helpful to others, it’d be really good if you email them to me and I’ll send them out. Thankyou!!

Sorting out my wardrobe!

I realised that waiting for my wardrobe to present me with an  ‘outfit for today’ wasn’t working!

I can’t really see into the depths of my wardrobe shelves (and floor!) because my bedroom is so poorly lit. This has meant that I’ve been taking out what’s nearest the doors and working with that– for weeks! Then at night I just put it back and rely on some wardrobe elf magic to sort and shuffle while I sleep!

I’ve decided I’ve been living in some kind of wardrobe comfort zone that’s started to have a serious effect on how I feel about myself: boring, uninspired and uninspiring!

So, last weekend I pulled everything out. I sorted it into skirts, dresses, tops, jumpers, scarves and belts, and then sorted those into most used, less used and charity shop! It’s soooooo good. And I’ve folded everything and will make myself keep folding. The tangled piles of unloved, forgotten garments are a thing of the past!

Now I can start on the rest of my life!

Question from Penny: What else have you learnt about your situation?

Answer from me: That I’m perfectly capable of sorting out my own stuff and when I do, my way is the best way for ME!    ……… Also –  that I need to replace the low energy light bulbs in my centre light with 100W !!!!!!!!! right NOW.

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