I’m finding that people often tell me some amazingly useful things about what they’ve learned about themselves and life, particularly through being coached. They also quote all kinds of inspirational sayings, wise words and helpful anecdotes.

When I’m particularly struck by any of these I tend to ask if I can ‘use’ what they’ve told me, in my practice and everyday life. For example a client recently told me that a simple key word for her (one that had really made a difference to her thinking) was ‘APPLICATION’. That if she APPLIES how she thinks and what she does to what she really wants – she’ll get it! This word switched on a light for her.

If you’d like me to email ( these gems to you as I collect them can you let me know and I’ll do so.

Also good is when people give their thoughts on any of the ‘Good Ideas ?’ I send them, as in the one below. So feel free!!


Confidence doesn’t come out of nowhere.
It’s a result of something….hours and days and weeks and years of constant work and dedication.

-Roger Staubach.

Here’s one of the responses I had back. I like it.

“I agree I think that confidence doesn’t come out of nowhere.  I think it is a result of many different factors in our lives:

  • Our upbringing – having confident role models as in our parents who also instil a sense of self-worth in us.
  • Our country – listen to Americans for instance!
  • By achieving – I know that this last year I have felt more confident merely in the fact that I have achieved.

But now I’ve said this, I think that the people I really respect are those that have a ‘Quiet Confidence’ about them and they are not usually any great achiever, they just have a sense of ease with themselves and to me that is the best confidence.

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