Getting back on track

Well, moving into the new year it’s time to look forward again. After the business of The Christmas Season ……. so much to do and no time to reflect…… we have probably excused ourselves from our responsibility to ourselves! And now we are wanting…… Perhaps we have even fallen into the ‘poor me’ trap again and got stuck. “I did all the work and no-one even thanked me” or “I’ve been so busy looking after everyone else’s needs I’ve not had time for my own”. So now it’s time to pick up the thread. Actually most things take two and if we do blame another person or people for our downfall, they usually can take some of the blame!!! So go ahead and wallow a bit in your self pity. You deserve it. But use this to lever yourself out and upwards not to further glue yourself to the bottom.

It’s time to get a goal. Just a little one that’ll contribute in some way to your longer term stuff. If you feel there’s some kind of blockage just ask what’s getting in the way. Perhaps your’e run down, tired, bored. Tackle the obstacle. What could you do to pep yourself up, stimulate the brain cells and/or fitness levels. Make yourself a list of things and pick something. It could be that you just need a rest!

It could also be that since the last time you looked…..things have changed ….you’ve changed…and you need to look at things differently. Make a completely new plan with different options and ways forward.

I’ve just looked up my marmalade recipe. Lots of small goals are what I need at the moment and making marmalade seems appealing. I saw loads of Seville oranges in the shops the other day and the thought of that rich citrusy smell wafting about the house lifts my spirits.

From ‘Delicious Home Cooking’ by Caroline Conran

1.5 kg of Seville oranges

2 kg lump or granulated sugar

Wash the oranges and cut in half crossways. Put them into a pan with 1.8 litres of water. Simmer, covered for 2 hours, bringing the water back to its original level as it boils away. Leave to soak for at least 24 hours. Bring back to the boil and boil for 1 hour. Then leave to cool.

Remove the orange halves and take out all the pips and pulp, putting them back into the liquid in the pan. Give the liquid and pips one last boil and then sieve, working the pips against the sieve with a wooden spoon to get out all the pulp and pectin. Warm the sugar, slice the orange halves thinly and cut the slices across into shortish lengths.

Add the sliced peel to the liquid and heat. Tip in the sugar and stir over a low heat and boil until setting point is reached ,105C (220F).

Skim of any scum, leave to cool a little and pour into clean heated jars. Cover with plastic lined lids (or use selophane discs). Yum!!!

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