Just a bit of feedback from satisfied customers:

“Coaching with Penny really helps un-stick areas of my life, even those areas I didn’t realise were stuck but just felt were the norm. It’s not just about achieving goals but being and living as who I really am and doing what I want to do. I feel more authentic. I have more integrity and I have more energy.”

“I feel so good now, I feel like running round the house and singing!”

“Being coached has helped me find the confidence and optimism to find ways to resolve the issues I have with my step daughter.”

“I knew I needed to leave the job I was in and move on but had procrastinated for months! Coaching helped me clarify what I really wanted and then how to make that work realistically.”

“When I had my baby I just thought everything would come naturally. When it didn’t, coaching helped me see I was not a failure and how to make things better all round. It’s great now!”

“When I was at an all time low, coaching helped me realise what I needed to do and then find the confidence and ways to go about that. Everyone should have a coach!”

“I really feel like I can believe in myself again and never look back!”

“With coaching I understand myself better and that makes me feel in control and responsible again.”

“Although I had my last coaching session at least 6 months ago, I am still conscious of using what I learned from working with Penny. In fact its got me to where I am now. I’ve turned my life around!”

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